Dawson Phone and Internet Issues Monday 6th August 2018 07:43:00

We received reports this morning that the Dawson campus was experiencing phone issues. Further investigation discovered network issues preventing some areas from connecting to the internet as well. We believe this may be equipment failure (reasons currently unknown). We are enroute to Dawson with some spare equipment to investigate further and work to restore services. An update will be posted by 10am.

The Dawson campus is fully functional as of approximately 6:00pm this evening. If you have any further issues, please contact the LTC HelpDesk at helpdesk@laniertech.edu.

We are continuing to work to correct the equipment problems at Dawson. The original replacement equipment experiencing some interoperability issues with the existing functioning equipment. We are working on a fix for that and hope to have service restored by 6pm.

We have identified the piece of networking equipment that has failed and are working to replace it. We expect to have the replacement complete by 2pm this afternoon.